I recently got a note from Wiebold Studio in Ohio that they were about to post on Facebook and Instagram this testimonial and images as taken by their two conservators who came to my studio to learn the art of Water Gilding. I was so pleased that both woman had such a great experience and brought a lot of knowledge back to Wiebold Studio from the 4 day class.

from Katie Sharrock of Wiebold Studio, Cleveland Ohio

“While the goal of each of our conservators is mastery of their craft, every artist knows that a true master will perpetually be a student. Wiebold would like to thank PH Miller Studio for welcoming our Paintings Department into their workspace, and leading them through a fantastic workshop on traditional water gilding, taught by the master frame maker himself.”

photo credits: Wielbold Studio


Peter with students Alice and Kristel

learning how to scrape and send Gesso

carryfully applying red bole over yellow bole

applying gold leaf to wooden balls for a bullseye mirror